MDP Corp., formerly known as ‘Mallinos Dental Personnel,’ has been providing staff for dental offices since 1985.

Whether you are a dentist looking to fill a position within your office or a dental professional searching for employment, MDP provides both quality and experienced service with the added benefit of strict confidentiality.

With multiple decades of experience working in dental offices, MDP staff members understand the difficulties that dental offices endure when they’re short-handed. We also have first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing dental colleagues searching for employment in the dental field.



A 30 day warranty applies to all permanent placements. Should a dentist/practice be displeased with the employee, or if the employee leaves, we will provide one replacement at no cost. This only applies if payment has been received. In the event that the dentist/practice does not replace the employee through MDP Corp., a refund will be given minus a 30% service charge. The warranty does not cover sickness or accidents. One trial day per candidate is given free of charge, every day after that is considered a temporary placement.

Should an office select a candidate referred to you by MDP Corp. within a 12 month period after the initial referral, fees will be applicable.


Should an office require or acquire a temporary employee who was initially referred by MDP Corp. for any additional temporary or permanent work days, MDP Corp. must be informed, as fees will be applicable.


In the event that an office were to cancel a temporary placement within 24 business hours of the start of that placement, the full fee will be applicable for the first day, as well as a 40% service charge for each additional day. Moreover if an office were to cancel a temporary placement after it has been confirmed, a service charge of 40% of the total fee will be applicable, regardless of how much notice is given. There is a service charge for all temporary orders placed with less than 24 hour notice.


Payment is due when a candidate commences employment. A monthly interest charge will be levied if payment is not received within 30 days of the date of each invoice.


All information provided by MDP Corp. to the offices and candidates is confidential and for the exclusive use of those clients. Specifically, any information pertaining to an office (i.e. doctor’s name, phone number, position availability) must not be given to any other candidates. Also, any information pertaining to a candidate (i.e. resumes, names, phone numbers etc.), must remain within the confines of the dental office to which it was given and must not be given to any other practice or agency. In the event that a client were to refer a candidate provided to them by MDP Corp. to another practice or agency, who then employs that candidate, the referring office will be charged for that placement.

Please be advised that MDP Corp. cannot be held responsible for any conduct, loss, damage or injury arising from any placements or referrals made.