forcandiDear Candidate:

MDP Corp. strives to provide potential candidates with excellent service. By expediting referrals you in a timely fashion, we match your credentials with dental offices seeking personnel to best suit your needs. MDP can aid you in finding professional dental employment on a temporary fill-in or permanent full-time or part-time basis. We will take in to account the hours you are available to work, as well as the days and location that you prefer to be assigned to and your desired hourly rate of pay.

In order for us to help you find work, we must initially have all your proper documentation e-mailed together as ‘.txt’ or ‘.doc’ attachment, so that MDP can affix our sticker to your data for tracking.

From Dental Hygienists, MDP requires a copy of your current resume, a photocopy of your current CDHO card and 3 professional references.

From Dental Assistants (CDAs and PDAs), MDP requires a copy of your current resume, a photocopy of your Certificate/Diploma (and Level II National Board Certificate, if applicable), and 3 professional references.

From Dental Receptionists, Dental Hygiene Co-ordinators, Dental Treatment Co-ordinators and Dental Office Managers, MDP requires a copy of your current resume, a photocopy of Certificates/Diplomas (where applicable), and 3 professional references.

Please note that professional references should be from past employers whenever possible.

As a general rule of thumb, MDP will not randomly email your resume to prospective employers. Instead, MDP staff will give you a description of positions suitable for you. This is done to protect your confidentiality, and to give you the opportunity to select which positions you apply for. For this service, there is no fee charged to you. However, in order to maintain a healthy working relationship, we request the following from applicants:

You are under no obligation to apply to any position given to you by MDP Corp.. However, when candidates agree to apply for a position, MDP will email your resume on your behalf to prospective employers. Dental offices seeking staff will then call you directly to schedule an interview. Please keep track of where you apply, then regularly inform MDP staff of any interview dates by phone or email. Please notify MDP if you don’t get a response from an office, so our staff can follow-up on your behalf.

Your file is circulated continually. If you have been hired through one of our referrals, you must inform MDP staff at your earliest convenience. Should you accept employment at a position you found on your own, and thus no longer require our service, kindly notify MDP staff so that we can inactivate your file. This allows us to keep all applicant files current and helps MDP staff to allocate our time in an optimal way.

Permanent and temporary placements: Should you be selected by an office referred to you by MDP for any additional permanent or temporary work, even if it is well after the office originally calls you, MDP must be informed. If it is difficult for you to call us during office hours, please feel free to leave any information on our voice mail or send us an email.

Confidentiality: All information provided to MDP by you is confidential. Similarly, all information provided to you by MDP about any dental practice must be kept confidential and is only for the use of the candidate MDP has on file.

Please see our agency policy in the ‘About Us’ tab for more information.

At MDP we are dedicated to providing excellent service to candidates by means of efficient and effective placement in the dental field. Experience has taught us that time is valuable; we appreciate yours and we ask that you appreciate ours. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for choosing MDP. Great Staff, Great Day!

Candidate Registration Form

We require a copy of your:
Licence (Hygienists)
Certificate/Diploma (Assistants)
3 Professional References (Letters or Contacts/Phone Numbers)
* Please note, candidates must e-mail all applicable documents before we can begin helping you find work.